alto saxophone, bass clarinets, composition

Lothar Ohlmeier / Tobias Klein

From the nineties onward, Lothar Ohlmeier and Tobias Klein have collaborated in numerous bands and projects. But it wasn't until 2023 that they embarked on recording as a duo. Their album 'Left side right' captures their profoundly personal and intuitive exploration of this musical format, presenting five improvisations recorded in a single afternoon, each left entirely unedited.


"... an outstanding duo disc of fascinating musical conversation." (Jan Granlie,
"... with the intimacy of chamber music and the radical imagination of free spirits. Every breath contains beauty. "(Rinus van der Heijden,
"From the first notes ... the listener gets carried away into the enchanting sound world that is created by the harmonics of the two bass clarinets." (Herman te Loo,