alto saxophone, bass clarinets, composition

Spinifex SOUFIFEX CD launch and tour

The SOUFIFEX première took place at the Moers Festival in May 2018, and we also performed it in the Netherlands and Czech Republic. The Belgian music journalist Guy Peters called it one of the highlights of the Moers Festival and wrote on “… a band of extreme contrasts which moves freely at one moment, only to abruptly and mercilessly strike with ultratight interplay the next moment…”
Georges Tonla Briquet wrote on jazzenzo: “… speedy noise-jazz with punk attidude played with razor-sharp accuracy … no volume for volume’s sake but a compact formula, meticulously mapped out according to the comprehensively thought through Spinifex procedure …”

18/1 Amsterdam, Bimhuis, Festival Trytone 20, cd launch
15/2 Neeritter, Jazzblazzt
7/3 München (DE), Glockenbachwerkstatt
9/3 Ottensheim (AU), KOMA
11/3 Prague (CZ), Punctum
12/3 Milano (IT), Corte dei Miracoli
14/3 Genève (CH), Festival de l’AMR
16/3 Saarbrücken (DE), INI-Art, Passage Kino
22/3 Bremen (DE) Güterbahnhof Tor 9
23/3 Zeulenroda (DE), Schieszhaus
24/3 Würzburg (DE), Immerhin


An exciting new project by Büyükberber/Klein, featuring Claron McFadden and Kristina Fuchs.
"A great combination" (Ben Taffijn, Draai om je oren)
Claron McFadden - voice
Kristina Fuchs - voice
Oguz Büyükberber - (bass) clarinet
Tobias Klein - (contra-)bass clarinet

Oguz Büyükberber and Tobias Klein have been working together since 2005. Finely attuned to each other through years of performing together, Büyükberber and Klein use their keen sense for structure to create music, which is free and rigorous at the same time.
Having collaborated with musicians such as Simon Nabatov, Wolter Wierbos, Matthias Muche and Sven Hahne before, Büyükberber and Klein are presenting their new project in 2018: 37Fern featuring the celebrated vocalists Claron McFadden and Kristina Fuchs.
Karl Ackermann in allaboutjazz:
"Büyükberber and Klein are adapt at holding the compositions together even as they push the limits beyond formal constructs. The musicianship is first rate ..."


= September 7th Bimhuis, Amsterdam, concert & live CD recording =

I've recently been teaming up with Goncalo Almeida on double bass and legendary Dutch drummer Martin Duynhoven, the Boy Edgar Prize laureate of 1984. It's an acoustic trio inspired by all kinds of free adventurous music of the last 50 years...
Our first CD came out in september on Clean Feed Records and has been receiving very good reviews.
We will record our concert on September 7th for a new live-CD.

"Distinct and fascinating" (Chris Monsen, Klassekampen)
"A beautiful trio ... lively, spontaneous and surprisingly catchy. Vibrate in Sympathy is an album that completely lives up to its title." (Guy Peters,
"Tobias Klein is an inspired and emotional horn player but also a composer who can write memorable themes. The music is compact, clear, structured and absolutely relevant." (Herman te Loo, Jazzflits)
" With this trio, Tobias Klein seems to have found his way back to the original 60's free jazz ... however free the music is, we can ascertain that the trio keeps tightly together. Worked hard. Keeping listening. Great to hear that Martin van Duynhoven still plays as fresh and musical as half a century ago." (Eddy Determeyer, Draai om je oren)
"Nine pieces, captivating from first to last ... somehow all three musicians manage to keep a long line intact, which gives true consistency to the music." (Vera Vingerhoeds)

Spinifex tour and CD recording, Portugal, July 2017

In July 2017, Spinifex toured in Portugal again. At the Jazz no Parque festival at Serralves (Porto), we performed a version of the 'Maximus' program with, as guests, 5 marvelous Portuguese musicians: Gil Goncalves- tuba, Francisco Andrade - tenor saxophone, Eduardo Lala - trombone, Luis Vicente - trumpet, and Joao Martins - baritone saxophone.
We also toured there as a sextet featuring trumpet player Bart Maris and tenor saxophonist John Dikeman, and we recorded a new CD, to be released at the end of 2017.

Boi Akih Liquid Songs

More concerts coming up with Boi Akih (Monica Akihary and Niels Brouwer), performing the project 'Liquid Songs', also with percussionist Ryoko Imai.
18/11 Cultura, Ede
19/11 Ruigoord, near Amsterdam
25/11 Hothouse, Leiden

I was also part of the Boi Akih project 'Controlling the Swing', which was presented at Holland Festival (Paradiso, Amsterdam) on June 16th 2017. With Made Subandi, gamelan; Rudi Fofid, voice, poetry; Lintang Radittya, electronics.

Oguz Buyukberber / Tobias Klein

Oguz Buyukberber - bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, Bb clarinet
Tobias Klein - bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, Bb clarinet

Oguz Buyukberber and Tobias Klein have been performing for 10 years as a bass clarinet duo.

Karl Ackermann, allaboutjazz
"Buyukberber and Klein ... adapt at holding the compositions together even as they push the limits beyond formal constructs. The musicianship is first rate and the album, something different."

Beppe Colli on cloudsandclocks:
"Reverse Camouflage will intrigue and fascinate listeners, with a fine recorded sound ... a vivacious timbral palette, a fine sense of balance between improvisation and composition, a stylistic variety that doesn't detract from a sense of unity and coherence, a clarity of ideas and a distillation process of what's played, thanks to what I imagine to be a long process of synthesis. (An album like this can only be the result of a long past work done together."

Herman te Loo wrote about the CD in Jazzflits: "They have fabulous technique and an urge for adventure, but also an excellent sense for musical form and the beauty of a good melody ... melodies that move around and challenge each other, always offering new perspectives to the listener. Their having played together for 10 years pays off..."

Büyükberber / Klein live at Bilgi New Music Festival 2016 from Tobias Klein on Vimeo.

Spinifex 10 years and maXimus

10 year anniversary — spinifeX maXimus
In 2015 Spinifex celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a very special ensemble: spinifeX maXimus. The current quintet line-up still being Spinifex Maximus’ nucleus and its defining force, the ensemble was joined by seven extraordinary musicians from Europe and the US, opening the doors to an even wider range of dynamics, new orchestral colors, creative energy and joyful improvising.

Spinifex also released 2 new CDs --- 'Veiled' by the regular quintet and one in the 12-piece maXimus line-up --- plus we released a 5-CD album which includes a disc with previously unreleased live recordings (Spinifex Tuba Band, Indian Spin [FX] and Bollycore), re-issues of the Spinifex Orchestra 'Triodia' CD (2008) and the quintet CD 'Hipsters Gone Ballistic' (2013).
The CDs are available at TryTone,CDBaby and

"... the tunes on Maximus are bursting with a multiplicity of competing voices. The second drummer creates the effect of just a touch of welcome and inevitable looseness as the super-group navigates the labyrinthine compositions. Listening to the exuberance of the playing, somehow always escalating, you get a sense of mutual egging-on, of a well-met challenge to go all out. Everyone here seems to bring out the best in each other, perhaps even things otherwise inaccessible."
(Free Jazz Collective, ****½ )

“‘Veiled’ has got it, because it’s so on target, supertight, groovy, transparent, contrapuntal, marvelously playful, almost (!) unpretentious, catchy and just well rounded off, so there is no other choice than to be overjoyed by listening… It’s rare that it succeeds to present a concept which was thought to be complete and accomplished, in such a refreshing and contemporary manner.” (freiStil, Austria)

***** (“Unüberhörbar spitze”) ‘Musik die sich kaum um die Einordnung in eine Passform schert. Avantgarde, viel Jazz, aber durchaus auch harter Rock und Noiuse sind die Elemente …’ (Christof Turnherr in Jazz ‘N’ More, Switzerland)

“The fierce but thoughtful and entirely balanced arrangements of Spinifex Maximus had a constant pulse, which kept the unbridled anarchists together with an exstatic groove turned the whole thing into an addictive experience that many people will never forget.” (Erno Elsinga in Jazzenzo about the concert in Paradox, Tilburg)

“For 10 years, Spinifex has been one of the most adventurous jazz ensembles in- or outside of the Netherlands. Maybe jazz is too narrow a description of what Spinifex does. They mix jazz with avantgarde, metal and trash and then throw diverse ethnic musics into the mix, rhythms from different parts of the world such as the Balkans and India.” (moors magazine about the CD Spinifex 2005-2015)

“Again, they defy stylistic boundaries in a brilliant, challenging and intriguing manner. A tight but free sound. It just blows you away.” (Jan Willem Broek in De Subjectivisten about Spinifex Maximus)

“Brilliantly composed and executed … abounding creativity, highly recommended!” (Kris Vanderstraeten in Jassepoes about the Spinifex ‘Veiled’)

***** “The turmoil of Spinifex is festive, and despite all the external elements which they bring into their music, it is saturated by jazz, which means it has swing, the kind of phrasing that comes out of bop and hard bop, and developed into collective free music … fireworks.” (Rui Eduardo Paes in about the Spinifex CD Veiled)

Spinifex Maximus
Piotr Damasiewicz – trumpet
Tobias Klein – alto saxophone / clarinet
Jasper Stadhouders – guitar
Goncalo Almeida – bass
Philipp Moser – drums
Bart Maris – trumpet
Matthias Muche – trombone
Jeb Bishop – trombone
Pascal Rousseau – tuba
Edoardo Marraffa – tenor saxophone
Josh Sinton – baritone saxophone
Onno Govaert – drums

27 august Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück (D), try-out concert and cd recording
28 october soundsofmusic 2015, Vera, Groningen
29 october Brebl, Nijmegen (JIN)
30 october Paradox, Tilburg
31 october Hot House, Leiden
2 november Café Wilhelmina, Eindhoven (Axes)
4 november Tivoli/Vredenburg, Cloud Nine, Utrecht
5 november Bimhuis, Amsterdam
7 november Plusetage, Baarle-Nassau
14 january JOE Festival, Essen (special Ruhrgebiet edition)

fantastic reviews for Spinifex CD Hipsters Gone Ballistic

The Spinifex CD Hipsters Gone Ballistic was released on december 2nd 2013. It is available at TryTone and CDBaby and i-Tunes
Hipsters Gone Ballistic was recorded by Maarten Tap at Jottem! and mixed/mastered by Jason LaFarge at Seizures Palace. Artwork and graphic design by Gonçalo Almeida.

Hipsters Gone Ballistichas been receiving fantastic reviews. Among others:
Eyal Hareuveni, allaboutjazz, february 2014:”All selections are played with sheer abandon and joyful passion, from the first second to the last one. All compositions feature restless shifts and complex dynamics as well as the highly collaborative and versatile interplay of this well-rehearsed quintet… no doubt, the hipsters went on a wild ride.”
Tom Greenland, The NYC Jazz Record, june2014: “Hipsters Gone Ballistic opens with a driving additive rhythm in nine beats, which manages, for all its prickly accents, to instill a punk-rock vibe, something that might drive less-inhibited jazz fans to mosh.
Jan Willem Broek in Caleidoscoop, december 2013: “There is no telling what will happen and that makes the music so attractive. The energy is almost tangible and it’s bursting with the joy of performing … simply sensational!”
Monsieur Délire, Monsieur Délire: "Looking for a record that hits hard and never where you expect it? Bam! Hipsters Gone Ballistic is a neverending flurry of pops to the jaw. Ultratight tunes borrowing from jazzpunk and avant-prog. With guitarist Jasper Stadhouders (also in Lilyʼs Déjà Vu), Gonçalo Almeida on bass, drummer Philipp Moser, and most of all the dual frontline of Gijs Levelt (trumpet) and Tobias Klein (alto sax). Recommended."
Helen Moors, moorsmagazine january 2014: ” Spinifex and their new album Hipsters Gone Ballistic guarantees an unprecedented adrenaline rush … they go right at it with crackling energy, unexpected turns, super tight arrangements and, within those, strangely free improvisations which constantly keep the listener in suspense … fantastic!”
Herman te Loo in Jazzflits, december 2013: “The most striking characteristic is the pounding staccato rhythm … you might blame the band for a lack of subtleness, but that’s definitely not the case. The dynamic spectrum of Spinifex is big, and so is their bag of musical ideas.”